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Mega Egoist

It's all about M.E.

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Here is the start of Mega Egoist (M.E.), our little fashion experiment. This is mainly a community for posting info and updates, ideas concerning design, and just general fashion stuff. Since there are quite a few members already, it is easier to post things and dates rather than hunt them all down one by one. Especially since there are many jobs and things that need to be addressed all the time. If you are interested in helping us design, or make clothes, please ask to join ^^.

Designer: ANYONE can do this job. It is not limited to a select few. Your job is to come up with ideas/suggestions/sketches of clothings items.
Material Finder: You correspond with the designer on what material to use and go find it.
Measurements: Person who does the actual dimensions and measuring. We are in great need of you people. You correspond mainly with the cutters, as they will be doing the 'cutting' of the actual material. You will also from time to time communicate with the designer and material finder for more specific details.
Cutter: You cut the material! XD! I think this category will be split into two: cutters/drawers. You correspod mainly with the Measurements people
Sewer: This may be split into two or more categories, it there are very complicated sewing designs needed. Basically you correspond with designers and measurements. You must have a sewing machine. The jobs of certain items will be split up, based on difficulty.
Website/Advertisement: People who manage the website and or find ways of advertising.

Let me or any of the other mods know what you would like to help out with ^^!